Event Lighting Pix Bar TRI 12 x 3W LED Wash

Ever wanted to create a rolling chase along a wall? Then this is the bar you are after. Full pixel control will give you the flexibility you need to create that rolling chase or special effect. With the easy to use LCD panel you can choose the type of mode you want whether it be simple RGB mode or full pixel control. Perfect for washing walls or the back of a stage for visual effects.


  • 3W Tri-colour 3 in 1 RGB LED produce powerful, smooth RGB colour mixing
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Easy setup when using hanging bracket or floor stand on both ends
  • Smart Cooling system, no fan
  • 100% Flicker free operation, refresh rate up to 2,940Hz
  • 16-bit 4 selectable Dimming Curve
  • 1-30Hz colour strobe effect
  • 4-button LCD display control panel

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Hire Price: $44.00

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