LED 6 Eyes

The LED 6 Eyes rotates projecting bright rays of coloured light. Sale Price: $245.00 read more

Hire Price: $44.00

CableSafe 5Ch Heavy Duty Cable Tray

Hire Price: $22.00

0: $0.00

3 Phase Distribution Board

3 Phase Distribution Board consisting of RCD protection for each phase, three breakers per phase. read more

Hire Price: $88.00

0: $0.00

LCD2 RGB Star Ball

The LCD2 produces rotating mirror ball effect with a choice of red, green, blue, mixed or alternating colours. When used with smoke it radiates rotating laser like color beams. read more

Hire Price: $44.00

AudioPro Smoke Fluid 5L

Audio Pro Smoke Fluid is specially formulated to work with all smoke machines for both indoor & outdoor venues. This five litre bottle is excellent for long-term usage with live performances or theatre productions. Features • For use with all smoke... read more

Antari Z-1500-II Smoke Machine

Antari proposes to you the Z-1500II, the rigorous research and development resulting stability, durability, and reliability.  When it comes to ultimate performance and precision control the Z-1500II will suit virtually any applications. These foggers provide significant advantages in a wide array of applications where... read more

Hire Price: $88.00

Antari Z-1000II Smoke Machine

Z-1000II dominates the entry-level of Z-Series II Fogger for high performance output necessary to scale up the machines efficiency. It is equipped with ECO thermal control system and patented UNICORE heater technology where the heater core can be... read more

Hire Price: $44.00

American DJ Sparkle LED Effects Light

American DJ LED Moonflower Advantages: - Extremely Long Life (100,000 hr. rated) - Very low power consumption - connect more units in a single power circuit - No heat output - Runs extremely cool! - NO Duty Cycles! - Run all night! -... read more

Hire Price: $44.00

Acclaim Axial Zoomspot

A 600W variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output beam.   Safe and easy to use, the Acclaim Axial Zoomspot offers efficiency, strength and performance with a choice of two beam angle ranges.   read more

Hire Price: $25.00