Dynacord CMS 2200-3 22 Channel Mixer

The Dynacord CMS 2200-3 is the flagship of the new CMS3 range of passive mixers by Dynacord. The CMS or Compact Mixing System, are a range of mixers that offer professional components and features for people needing a reliable mixer that can handle any gig. The CMS 2200-3 sits at the top of the range over the CMS1600 and CMS1000. It has a total of 22 mic inputs which makes the desk perfect for... read more

Hire Price: $150.00

Yamaha MG10 10-Channel Mixer

The Yamaha MG10 is the ideal choice for small music production or live sound applications, offering sonic quality that will satisfy the most critical listener, surprising flexibility and ease-of-use, and some advanced features you normally wouldn't find in this type of compact mixer. read more

Hire Price: $44.00

0: $0.00

Yamaha IM8-40 Mixing Console

The Yamaha IM8 series brings experience and know-how accumulated over 35 years in the production of industry-leading mixing consoles to bear in three mid-size consoles that cut no corners when it comes to overall performance and sonic quality. Every inch of these extraordinary consoles is well thought out and built for a purpose. There are no unnecessary features, and nothing is out of... read more

Hire Price: $165.00

Yamaha MG12 12-Channel Mixer

The mid-range MG mixers deliver features and audio quality that are simply outstanding in their class, making them excellent choices for a wide variety of professional and amateur applications. Choose the MG12/4 if you want the extra sonic versatility of built-in Yamaha SPX effects. read more

Hire Price: $55.00

0: $0.00

Yamaha EMX2000 16-Channel Powered Mixer

The EMX2000 Powered Mixer is complete with a very versatile mixer, high-performance digital reverb and echo, a 7-band graphic equalizer, and high-efficiency 2-channel 200-watt power amplifier. All you need are your sources and a pair of speakers. More importantly, it is designed to function perfectly as a system: ideal matching between all stages for low-noise, high-quality sound, and... read more

Hire Price: $55.00

0: $0.00

Behringer PMP2000 Powered Mixer

The PMP2000 gives you the choice of 2 x 350-Watt stereo, 2 x 350-Watt dual mono or 800-Watt bridged mono output. Whether the center of attention happens to be a folk trio, a speech, or a synth-rock band with mind-boggling stereo patches, the PMP2000 can accommodate. This sonic versatility also makes it an excellent choice for churches, where vocals and stereo recordings often share face... read more

Hire Price: $55.00

0: $0.00

Behringer Xenyx 502 2-Channel Mixer

he 5-input, 2-bus XENYX 502 with XENYX mic preamp can accommodate either a dynamic or condenser microphone. The two-band British EQ is famous for its warm, musical sound. Play music between sets via the RCA CD/tape inputs (assignable to main mix or control room/phones outputs) and record your performance to an outboard recording device via the RCA outputs. read more

Hire Price: $22.00

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