Dynacord CMS 2200-3 22 Channel Mixer

The Dynacord CMS 2200-3 is the flagship of the new CMS3 range of passive mixers by Dynacord. The CMS or Compact Mixing System, are a range of mixers that offer professional components and features for people needing a reliable mixer that can handle any gig. The CMS 2200-3 sits at the top of the range over the CMS1600 and CMS1000. It has a total of 22 mic inputs which makes the desk perfect for most large scale events. Like the other mixers in the range, it has a total of 6 Aux busses. Two are designed to the two effects devices, 2 can be configured as either monitor or effects sends and two are designed as monitor sends that are equipped with sweepable anti-feedback filters.


The Dynacord CMS2200-3 mixing desk also has a digital USB 2.0 audio interface built in. The USB 2.0 port serves as a digital audio interface between the CMS3 and a PC or Mac. Four channels can be transmitted in either direction simultaneously. This interface can therefore be used either for the input of audio signals (e.g. for playback or interval music) or else for live- or studio-recording applications. It is configured by selecting the relevant setting in the menu. For the use of the CMS3 with a PC or Mac, a free Cubase LE license as well as the requisite USB drivers are included free-of-charge on the supplied DVD


The CMS3 has two integrated stereo multi-effects processors that work independently of one another, each offering 100 effects algorithms optimized for live performance, the most important parameters of which are editable. Linear 24-bit AD/DA converters and 48-bit double-precision processing guarantee the finest studio quality based on state-of-the-art technology.


For a full overview of all the features in the Dynacord CMS2200 mixer, take a look at the video below


  • 18 Mic/Line + 4 Mic/Stereo Line Channels, 6 x AUX
  • Dual 24 bit Stereo Effects
  • USB-Audio Interface
  • Power Consumption (without lamp / with lamp): 55 W / 60 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D,): 818.5 x 155.0 x 498.5


    Hire Price: $150.00

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