Passive Speakers

Quest QM350i 12″ 350w Passive Speaker

The QM350i is a multipurpose passive speaker system designed and built for professional mobile live sound applications and permanent audio installations. Featuring a 12" + 1" and asymmetrical wave-guide, the QM350i boasts power handling of 350 watts RMS (700w music power). This makes the QM350i the perfect mid powered versatile and hi-fidelity point source front of house speaker or fold-back... read more

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RCF 300W Passive Speaker

The same careful acoustic design and advanced materials used in the ART active speakers have been utilized in the ART300 passive speaker. Combining high efficiency, high power handling and excellent sonic performance, the ART300 provides practical solutions for permanent installation applications. read more

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EV SX300 Passive Speaker

The SX300E, with 300-watt continuous power handling (1200-watt peak) is the world's best lightweight, high-power speaker system. Known as the standard around the world, SX300E can be found in virtually every situation. read more

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