Ops Surround Kit – Curtain Call

Complete Ops Surround Kit

Complete Kit Includes
6 x CC 50101 2 Stage 0.9m - 1.5m Telescopic Post
5 x CC 50201 1.2m - 2.1m Stage Telescopic Cross-Bar
6 x CC 50402 450x450x6mm Black Powder Coated Steel Base Plate
6 x CC 50401 Base Plate Spigot
5 x CCD DP-220150-BK 2.2mW x 1.5mD Velvet Op Surround Drape with Top Pocket, Ties and Velcro Patches - Black
1 x ES RC-CCOS-5 Encore Ops Surround Packer


Hire Price: $165.00

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